Planning for the future, together.

St. Mary’s General Hospital and Grand River Hospital are developing a shared vision for the future of health care and new hospital infrastructure to care for more patients in our community closer to home for decades to come.

Creating opportunities, together.

Through this project, we will create opportunities for strengthened research, education, innovation and technology in health. We will design facilities for future generations of health care workers and researchers right here in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Teaming up with our partners, together.

By working with our community, our health system partners and our Ontario Health Teams, we’ll be empowered to provide care in ways we couldn’t do alone. This includes partnering with the Grand River Hospital Foundation and St. Mary’s General Hospital Foundation to make our shared vision a reality.

Honouring our distinct pasts, together.

We will build on our strong histories, unique differences and achievements. We share the goal of building state-of-the-art health infrastructure, expanding services, increasing capacity, and providing quality health care.

Shaping the future of care, together.

We can shape the future health in our community by working together, planning together, and growing together. For our patients. Volunteers. Staff. For Waterloo Region and the communities we serve.

Building The Future Of Care Together Governance

The Grand River Hospital Board of Directors and the St. Mary’s General Hospital Board of Trustees with the St. Joseph’s Health System are all involved in major decisions regarding this project. A joint special committee of the boards – the Building the Future of Care Together Committee – provides strategic oversight on our project to build new and renewed hospital facilities. The committee includes members of both boards and our community, including health care and municipal partners, to ensure all decisions are made with the communities we serve in mind.

The Building the Future of Care Together Committee consists of:
  • 4 Board Members from each organization (4 from GRH and 4 from SMGH or SJHS)
  • GRH President/CEO
  • SMGH President
  • GRH/SMGH Joint Chief of Staff
  • 1-2 Patient/family representative(s)
  • Region representative (Chair or CAO)
  • Cambridge Memorial Hospital representative (Chair or CEO)
  • Comprehensive Hospital Community Group representative
  • Foundation Board Chairs or delegate

The Committee is responsible for the governance of project matters and collaborates with other Board Committees as required. It is important for the Committee to engage with external experts or contracted consultants to ensure it makes informed decisions and recommendations on behalf of the project.

Commitee Members

Building the Future of Care Together Committee members are:

  • David Graham, Board Vice Chair, GRH (Co-Chair)
  • Elizabeth Witmer, Board Member, SMGH (Co-Chair)
  • Corinna Riquelme, Patient and Family Representative, SMGH
  • David Higgins, SJHS
  • Elaine Leung, Board Member, GRH
  • Garth Cressman, Board Member, GRH
  • James Schlegel, Comprehensive Hospital Group
  • Karen Redman, Regional Chair, Region of Waterloo
  • Lynn Woeller, Board Vice Chair, CMH
  • Mark Fam, President, SMGH
  • Melinda Gorgenyi, Board Member, SMGH
  • Peter Potts, Joint Chief of Medical Staff GRH/SMGH
  • Phil Pfeifer, Foundation Board Chair, SMGH
  • Ron Gagnon, President & CEO, GRH
  • Tim Rollins, Board Chair, SMGH
  • Tobi Day-Hamilton, Foundation Vice Chair, GRH


In April 2022, we received a $5 million planning grant to support mapping out how we will build a new joint acute care hospital and how we will modernize and expand existing facilities in the Kitchener‐Waterloo region.

This planning grant from the Government of Ontario will help us determine exactly what services we will need, the best locations for these services based on our changing community, and how to deliver this project as quickly as possible.

As this project come together, we will continue to provide high-quality care across both of our hospitals.

Our health system partners, governments and community will be engaged at all stages of the planning process. Government approvals are required to proceed through the planning stages.

Stay Connected

Grand River Hospital and St. Mary’s General Hospital are partnering with the Grand River Hospital Foundation and St. Mary’s General Hospital Foundation to make our shared vision a reality. We will need your support every step of the way.